1. All prices are in Australian cents per litre and inclusive of GST, where applicable.
  2. L15 Terminal Gate Prices apply to all Resellers and Wholesalers supplied Gasoline and Diesel by reference to the volume the fuel would occupy at a temperature of 15 degrees C.
  3. Alpine Diesel 40 (when available) will be charged at a 6.6 Acpl premia including GST (Available New South Wales and Victoria locations only).
  4. Terminal Gate Prices are based on a full tanker load of not less than 35000 litres.
  5. Payment must be made in full prior to collecting product using telegraphic transfer (real time gross settlement).
  6. Competitive delivery rate may be available on application.
  7. Vehicles and drivers entering Viva Energy Australia terminals must have achieved company accreditation.
  8. At times of shortage Viva Energy Australia reserves the right not to supply or to impose rationing.
  9. The prices stated are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Viva Energy Australia.