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Liberty distributes in excess of 1 billion litres of fuel a year, making us one of the largest wholesalers operating right across Australia.

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    Offering Bulk fuel and lubricants solutions across Australia.

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        We have a proud history of truly independent fuel distribution across Australia, and we welcome applicants from all diverse backgrounds.

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          About Us

          Where did we start?

          Previous Liberty Oil Directors, David Wieland and David Goldberger

          Remember Solo service stations? They were everywhere in the Seventies and Eighties. That’s how long we’ve been in the fuel business! Liberty’s two founding partners, David Wieland and David Goldberger, started Solo in 1974 and built it into the largest independent fuel retailer and distributor in Australia.

          After some time out of the industry, Wieland and Goldberger started again, with renewed vigour and a new focus. In 1995, they established Liberty with the aim of providing a truly independent fuel supply to Australians.

          Where are we now?

          Since 2001, we’ve been concentrating on supplying fuel to independent retailers and wholesalers. Today, Liberty distributes in excess of 1 billion litres through our mainland terminals and depot facilities around the country, making us one of the largest wholesalers operating right across Australia.

          We strive to give independent retailers the best service, the most reliable supply, and the best deal for their customers. That’s what makes us different to the major oil companies. And that’s what motivates all of us at Liberty – we want to keep giving you a better alternative for fuel. 

          In December 2019 Viva Energy Australia took full ownership of Liberty Rural further extending our capability to supply rural and regional customers with the highest quality fuels and Shell oils and greases.  

          Through our network of more than 20 inland fuel and lubricant depots, Liberty can deliver fuel directly to customers who require bulk deliveries. 

          We’re long-term players. 

          We have been – and will be – around for a long time. So we know the Australian fuel industry, and we know it well. And because we’re not a refinery, we’re not limited to one fuel source. We buy from a range of refineries, mostly Australian, to keep you in regular supply. 

          Why Choose Us?

          We’re more flexible. 

          As an independent company, we’re more agile than the major oil companies. So we’re able to be more responsive and less bureaucratic. We even have our own trucks for deliveries, so we can get your order on the road sooner. 

          We’re focused on wholesale. 

          We’re not competing with you for sales, we’re trying to help you reach the same goal: to continuously supply fuel at competitive prices to customers. 

          We’re fighting for the independent sector. 

          With today’s competitive climate, we understand the challenges facing independent fuel retailers. So we make every effort to help protect your future and ensure your customers continue to have the freedom to choose an alternative fuel source. 

          We’re a modern company with traditional values. 

          We’ve got the latest technology for convenience, but we still like doing business the good old-fashioned way. Talking face-to-face and handshake deals are still part of the way we work. We actually make it our priority to give you a more personal, dedicated service, wherever you are. 

          We have the right people, with the right attitude. 

          Everyone working at Liberty has plenty of experience in the industry, so they know where it’s been, and where it’s going. And because customer service is our priority, you’ll find our staff to be responsive and genuinely concerned about your business. 

          Contact one of our friendly Sales Team for further information on how we can assist you with your fuel and lubricant needs. 

          Liberty rural bulk fuel delivery

          Liberty Oil proudly serves regional, rural and remote communities through a network of depots and a growing fleet of trucks. We go the extra mile to deliver all of our customers fuel and lubes needs – be they big or small, in town or in the country. Our people live in the regions where we operate, have deep connections to the communities we serve and we want to grow and thrive together.

          - Bill Patterson [CEO of Liberty Oil Australia]

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          At Liberty Oil Australia we have a proud history of truly independent fuel distribution across Australia, and we welcome applicants from all diverse backgrounds.

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